Brand : SETWEAR Fitness

Best Fitness Belt for Weightlifting Olympic Lifting Powerlifting Squats Deadlift - SetWear Smart Belt- Adjustable with Lumbar Wedge Back Support & BOA Dial Closure System- Men & Women - Workout Gear

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COLOR : Black

ITEM WEIGHT : 12.8 ounces




PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 13.5 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches


  • INCREASE PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY- Compression weightlifting belts force proper lifting form by preventing frontal and lateral spine flexion. For experienced lifters, it also increases abdominal pressure by up to 40% which takes pressure off of the spine. Lift more than before while preventing injury.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS- The only weightlifting belt on the market that utilizes the patented BOA closure system for fine-tune waist adjustment coupled with a 3D wedge lumbar support. It has a lightly padded, breathable, and sweat absorbing liner and a hook-n-loop strap with a heavy duty steel roller buckle. Adjustable fitting gives great support and comfort for heavy lifts.
  • COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE- Full lumbar support with superior comfort. Back wedge provides compression and support for deep squats, deadlifts, Crossfit workouts, Olympic & powerlifting. Provides extra comfort and prevents injury so you can lift more.
  • QUICK RELEASE- A single, strong Velcro strap makes it easy to loosen up or take off with the push of a button. BOA Closure System allows you to tight the belt in seconds with just two fingers and a few turns of the dial. Easily transition through MetCon workouts. Deadlifts to box jumps in seconds so you can nail a new PR.
  • WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS- 30 Day Money back guardsmen along with a life-time warranty on the BOA dial closure system
  • Brand: SETWEAR Fitness
  • Color: Black
**Do you suffer from back pain due to lifting to poor form? Would you like to correct that form and increase your performance?** Setwear weightlifting belts can do that and more! Our belts reinforce proper lifting form by: Preventing forward and lateral spine bend Increasing flexion at hips and knees which forces you lift with your legs, not your back Increasing intra-abdominal pressure during lifts Reducing pressure on spinal discs All of which **deters long-term spine damage and pain** due to improper form.
**Adjustable-** Buckle and velcro design allow for the best fit, comfort, and optimal support.
**Contoured Design-** Setwear belts narrow around the sides, contouring to the movements. That allows maximum mobility while still providing the best back support.
**Versatility-** Multiple uses for all athletes. Whether you do Olympic lifting, powerlifting, weightlifting at your home gym or Crossfit, Setwear Weightlifting Belts add stability which allows you to lift more weight safely. Perfect for squats, deadlifts, or any variation of cleans.
**Comes with our 30-Day money back guarantee and LIFETIME product warranty. Click “Add to Cart” and get yours now!**