Brand : QuickClip Pro Store

1/8" Black Chicago Screws & Binding Posts Fasteners for Leather Straps/Belts, Kydex Holster/Sheath Repair or Rivet Parts Replacement, Thru Hole Open Slot Design. Made in USA

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BRAND : QuickClip Pro Store

COLOR : Black

ITEM WEIGHT : 0.8 ounces



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 3.5 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches

SIZE : 10 Pack

  • ✔ Made in USA - Black Oxide Steel Open Back Slotted Posts & Phillips Head Screws 8-32 Threaded
  • ✔ Heavy Duty, 100% High Grade Carbon Steel, Won't strip like the Aluminum or inferior imported types
  • ✔ 10 or 25 Each Screws & Posts Standard Phillips Head Truss or Phillips Flat Head (Larger Head Diameter)
  • ✔ Mil-Spec Approved, Used directly by Military Contract Manufacturers (MIL-DTL-13924)
  • ✔ Quality Guaranteed; These are made on our own equipment to Military Standards, Lifetime Warranty
  • Brand: Visit the QuickClip Pro Store
**QuickClip Pro**
These are what got us started, hard to find open back-slotted posts. We had a military contractor looking for a heavy duty 1/8” Binding Post Hardware for some bags & holster attachments. We searched everywhere to find these but couldn’t and resorted to having the tooling made for us in the USA.
These are not your average Chicago binding posts and screws, these are made to exceed Mil-Spec standards, even our Black Oxide Finish is an Ultra Deep Black that will outlast any other brand.
They are mostly used for mounting knife sheath and gun holster attachments, fixing & fastening leather straps, sandal buttons, boots, belts knives, use in place of fastener rivets. Because they are slotted, they can be easily tightened or removed. These use an industry standard #8-32 thread. Screwpost Packs in quantities of 10 or 25 piece match sets.
**SPECIFICATIONS:** ✔ Standard Head Screw - 0.375" Head Diameter, Overall Length 0.215”, 0.125” Length Under Head ✔ Flat Head Screws - 0.410" Head Diameter, Overall Length 0.225”, 0.125” Length Under Head ✔ Binding Posts - 0.420" Head Diameter, Overall Length 0.195”, 0.125” Length Under Head ✔ #8-32 Threaded, 0.20” Barrel Diameter ✔ 10 Pack or 25 Pack (10 Each of Phillips Screws & 10 Each Binding Post) ✔ Ultra Deep Black Oxide Coating, with dry finish lubricant ✔ Min Clamp dimensions – 0.125” Max 0.175” ✔ Mil-Spec Approved: (MIL-DTL-13924) ✔ Lifetime No-B.S. No Hassle Warranty ✔ 100% Made in America !
**Buy the best once, QuickClip-Pro!**