Primos Hunting 713 Deer Call, The Can Family Pack

Primos Hunting 713 Deer Call, The Can Family Pack

  • Manufacturer : Primos
  • Part Number : 713
  • Product Dimensions : 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Size : One Size
  • Brand : Primos Hunting
  • Color : Green
  • Product Code: Primos Hunting
  • Availability: In Stock (9 Available)
  • $41.24

    ### Product description

    "THE Original CAN" is a unique call that has proven to be very successful in reproducing the mating bleats of estrus does. "THE...


    This package of can calls includes all three of the best selling Primos can calls and is an exceptional value. The Original Can, which faithfully reproduces the mating bleats of estrus does is great for pre-rut, rut, and even post-rut hunting. The Lil' Can is a great early-season call that produces vital communication bleats. And The Great Big Can sends out deeper, louder estrus bleats and is great for long-range calling and windy days. Diversify your field pack and ensure you have the right call for every hunt.


    * Simple to use; just turn The Original Can upside down and back up for a perfect bleat every time * Original Can reproduces the pleading bleat of a doe in estrus, making it perfect for the rut; 100 percent freezeproof * The Lil' Can is a smaller call that replicates the higher-pitched bleats of young does; perfect for early- or late-season hunting * The Great Big Can is designed for longer and louder calling; bigger than the original; 100 percent freezeproof * Pack includes all three can calls