Stop-A-Flat 1.95 Tube, 26-Inch, Yellow
Stop-A-Flat 1.95 Tube, 26-Inch, Yellow 

Stop-A-Flat 1.95 Tube, 26-Inch, Yellow

  • Item Weight : 16.0 ounces
  • Manufacturer : Cycle Force Group
  • Part Number : 820000220
  • Product Dimensions : 26.0 x 1.95 x 1.95 inches
  • Size : 26 x 1.95 in
  • Brand : Stop-A-Flat
  • Color : Yellow
  • Product Code: Stop-A-Flat
  • Availability: In Stock (8 Available)
  • $140.99

Stop-A-Flat is a Puncture Proof Inner Tube, that was conceived and designed by Jens Sunde as far back as the 1990's. It has seen several changes in design, since it's first introduction into the market place. What use to take a gorilla to install one similar, can now be installed in as just a few minutes. Stop A Flat tubes are manufactured from a polymer of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, (EVA), using a closed cell construction to prevent the absorption of moisture and water.• No more wasted money replacing tubes• Mounts quickly to most rims• Great for bicycles, trailers and jogger/strollers• Stop-a-flat tubes are Size Specific to a tire and care should always be taken when matching the tube to the tyre.• Please note that the 1.75 sizes will fit a 1.90 standard tire. FITTINGINSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Step 2: Remove the tire and the tube from the wheel. Clean the rim thoroughly, check the tire bead and wall for any damage and replace if necessary. Refit the tire halfway onto the rim ready to insert the tube. Fit the airless tube into the whole tire. Step 3: Step 4: Using the levers to fit the tube into the well of the rim making sure that the tire bead on the opposite side fits under the clincher. That is the part of the rim that retains the tire bead. Carefully fit the tire over the rim using up to three leavers, moving a small distance at a time. Be patient as you move around the rim being sure to seat the bead properly. Brand: Stop-A-Flat