Viper Table Tennis Orbital Velocity Racket/Paddle
Viper Table Tennis Orbital Velocity Racket/Paddle 

Viper Table Tennis Orbital Velocity Racket/Paddle

  • Part Number : 70-3210
  • Product Dimensions : 8.5 x 1 x 12 inches
  • Weight : 0.18 kg
  • Brand : Viper by GLD Products
  • Product Code: Viper by GLD Products
  • Availability: In Stock (7 Available)
  • $16.25

  • ITTF approved rubber construction for tournament play.
  • Improved spin and and speed bring a higher level of skill and strategy to the table.
  • Solid wood handle lends a comfortable grip.
  • Standard size blade assures a uniform performance.
  • Performance Rating: Speed-52, Spin-72, Control-71

The perfect solution for experienced table tennis players is the Viper Three Star Table Tennis Paddle. The quality starts with the construction. The solid wood handle gives a comfortable grip for long games or playing sessions. A Three Star Racket is designed to elevate your game to the heights of competition. For skilled players looking for strong competition, the higher speed rating on this racket will allow you ace your opponents. This paddle also allows you to introduce fast spinning action to your game for an added layer of strategy. You’ll have a control over the table tennis ball like you’ve never seen before!