Daiwa 21 Seaborg 300J
Daiwa 21 Seaborg 300J  Daiwa 21 Seaborg 300J  Daiwa 21 Seaborg 300J  Daiwa 21 Seaborg 300J 

Daiwa 21 Seaborg 300J

  • Manufacturer : %u30C0%u30A4%u30EF(DAIWA)
  • Part Number : 00810018
  • Product Dimensions : 8.9 x 7.6 x 6.02 inches
  • Weight : 0.6 Kilograms
  • Brand : Daiwa
  • Product Code: Daiwa
  • Availability: In Stock (7 Available)
  • $998.35

  • Gear Ratio: 5.1 / Body Gravity (g): 560 / Max Drag Force (kg): 16
  • Standard Winding Weight (No. - M): PE (Shelf Sensor Bright) 3-400, 4-300, 5-230 / Nylon 5-280, 6-200
  • Maximum Winding Force: 12.2 lbs (59 kg) (Super Lithium Used: 65) / Normal Winding Speed: 2.2 lbs (1 kg) Load (m/min): 39.2 lbs (150 m) (Super Lithium Used: 165)
  • JAFS Standard Winding Force: 29.9 lbs (14 kg), JAFS Standard Speed (m/min): 44.9 ft (210 m)
  • Accessories: Reel bag, threading pin, stand cover, fall brake dial seal x 2 (1 piece is extra), super power cord (Black)
  • Department Name: Unisex Adult

Weight: 19.2 oz (560 g). Light Monster is sensitive to light. We thoroughly pursue comfortable operation with lightweight, compact and high power required for small electricity. The weight of this product is lightweight at 19.2 oz (560 g) and is comfortable in the hand and its lightness is associated with sensitivity. The MAGMAX motor combines torque and explosive power in mobility, and the basic performance of the ATD that continues to work smoothly, and it achieves a significant improvement. One-hand comfortable operation aluminum JOG power lever. Even with wet fingertips, it can be used comfortably with shelves, enticing and throwing it up as anglers like. In addition, the fall brake dial allows you to set the speed of the drop instantly, and comes with a drop bait, making it an excellent way to capture the interlayer response of the Slu-Maker. In terms of durability, the MAGSEA LED ball bearing is equipped with a spool shaft that is most prone to tiding, and it maintains a spool-free and initial winding performance. The counter panel features a deca-letter with excellent visibility and a large dot LCD display that looks clear even when wearing polarized glasses. Polish your electric handheld game for an even more comfortable feel. Light Monster is sensitive to light.