Brand : Smedioks

120 ml Aluminum Injector for Soft Plastic Plastisol Fishing Bait Lure Tackle DIY Making

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BRAND : Smedioks



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 9.49 x 1.81 x 1.73 inches

SIZE : 120 ml

WEIGHT : 0.28 Kilograms

  • Volume: 120 ml (4 US Fluid Ounce). This volume is a perfect for small and mid size - it's light and easy to operate with. This size is recommended for baits of less than 6-7 inch.
  • Material: Aluminum. Aluminum alloy recommended itself as a light and durable material, which is suitable for injectors.
  • Injection port: 5/8" injection. This diameter has become a standard over the years for soft plastic bait injectors.
  • Rubber sealing rings to protect from leaking (Comes with extras)
  • We recommend to put a marking on the piston rod to determine the safe amount of pressure, which can be applied to piston, without accidental exposure of the cap.

Aluminum Injector 120 ml for Soft Plastic Lure Making. We offers a high quality 120ml injector with 5/8 inch for soft plastics fishing baits making. Metal injector has a standard 5/8" (16 mm) nozzle diameter, which is compatible with most engineered stone or aluminum bait moIds. When using this injector please be sure to wear gloves since injector gets hot from the plastisol inside. The primary usage of this injector is to cast fishing injection bait moIds with hot plastisol (soft plastic) to create DIY baits. Attention: Pull the handle up very strongly before use, as the grease hardens in the cold the plastic handle may differ from that shown in the photo, have a different shape