Brand : eChef's

18%u201D BBQ Grilling Tools Set - Heavy Duty %u2013 Extra Thick Quality Stainless Steel - Spatula | Fork | Tongs | Grill Cleaning Brush | Bonus 0.39mm Barbecue Grill Mat

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BRAND : eChef's



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 18.15 x 9.29 x 3.78 inches

WEIGHT : 4 pounds

  • Not Just any BBQ Grilling Set - We’re Different ! We bring you the absolute best selection of BBQ grilling tools with the ultimate features to make this a quality set to last: Our tools are thicker than the average tool at 2.4 mm as opposed to 1.8 mm of the competitors. We bring you the strongest grill brush made from 100 a;nti-rust Stainless Steel, you won’t find it anywhere else. Our amazing grill mat is 0.39 mm and all this comes in a special gift packaging.
  • The Perfect Combination of Grill Accessories - The Extra Thick Stainless Steel Spatula and Fork long, graceful, powerful, made of one solid piece and multifunctional. The Tongs that lock shut to save space and hassle - pure grip power with silicone pads to prevent slipping. The Steel Grill Brush with non-slip handle - Take the work out of cleanup with this 304 Stainless Steel grill brush and scraper. Grill Mat – never lose another scrap to the fire.
  • No Serious Grill Master Should be Expected to Work Without These Special Barbecue Tools - Flip, skewer and grab your favorite cuts and yes, even whole chickens without ever being embarrassed by bending, breaking or rusting tools. Made of food grade stainless steel and at 18” long - you will control your grill like a pro without burning yourself or losing the meat.
  • Not Just for The Grill - These elegant tools are perfect for any situation. The backyard, camping trips and yes even in the kitchen. Each elegantly crafted tool comes with a large ring so you can hang it on the side of the grill for easy and convenient access. They’re dishwasher safe so together with the 100 s;tainless steel grill brush, cleanup is a breeze.
  • Buy echef’s High Quality BBQ Accessories Tool Kit Today and receive the limited time offer grill mat. At eChef’s we care and you receive a Lifetime Guarantee for this set. Please get in touch if you have any issues whatsoever and we will ensure your satisfaction.

What’s better than a grill set? A grill set with a brush! In this amazing stainless steel grill tools set you receive:

* THE TURNER - An amazing multipurpose tool which, of course flips your food but also cuts and opens bottles.
* THE FORK - Sharp and ready to aid you in turning and removing your large pieces of meat from the grill. Don’t stab mind you, but you’ll get an amazing grip with this baby.
* THE TONGS – Heavy duty, incredibly strong and yet easy to use, these tongs give you a better grip than you could ever imagine. They lock for easy storage and to stop them getting tangled up with the other tools.
* THE BRUSH - You’ve never seen a better brush, ever! Made of 304 grade stainless steel, yes, even the handle which has an added non-slip element for extra protection for you. You’ll be amazed at the power you can get out of it.
* BONUS: HEAVY DUTY 0.39mm GRILL MAT - Never lose another fine piece of meat, sausage or shrimp to the fiery coals.

This heavy duty grill tool set is heavy and that’s a good thing! When you’re handling hot food over hotter coals you need solid stainless steel BBQ utensils that you can rely on to get the job done.
No job is too big for our heavy duty BBQ tool set.

We all have one - that special person who loves to grill. These quality BBQ grill sets for men or women are sure to put a smile on his/her face this coming Christmas.

✵✵✵BUY IT NOW and enjoy the BONUS Premium grill mat which is available for a limited period