Brand : Jayefo

5 pcs Kids Punching Bag Set for Children Boxing MMA Kickboxing Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Karate Punching Kick Age Youth

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BRAND : Jayefo

COLOR : Orange



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 12.05 x 7.28 x 4.76 inches

WEIGHT : 0.76 Kilograms

  • 5 pcs kids boxing set
  • boxing gloves included
  • adjustable hang anywhere straps included
  • ceiling mount & screws included
  • Comes Unfilled - fill in less then 30 seconds with used clothes/blankets/pillows/poly fillers etc
  • 5 Pcs Set | Kids Hanging Punching Bag Package Includes 1 X 2FT Unfilled Boxing Bag, 1 X Kids Punching Gloves, 1 X Adjustable Ceiling Hanging Straps 1 X Ceiling Mount 1 X Wall Screws Set
  • ALL PURPOSE | Kids Punching Bag With Gloves & Adjustable Hanging Straps Is Great For All Sports Training. Jayefo MMA Punching Bag Can Be Used In Boxing, MMA, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Self Defense Training And Many More Sports.

JAYEFO Kids Boxing Bag with Hanging Straps Is Better Choice Over Free Standing Punching Bags or Bounce Back Punching Bag. Easy To Fill In Less Then 60 Seconds, Easy To Un-Fill When Not In Use.


Kids Punching Bag Inflatable Are Not Durable and Can Easily Be Punctured, where as Jayefo Kids Punching Bag Set with Boxing Gloves Will Not Puncture, It Comes With 5 Years’ Warranty In Case Of Any Issues We Will Replace Or Refund.




✅5 pcs kids boxing bag set.

✅5 years’ warranty kids punching bag

✅built in hanging straps boxing set

✅non-toxic soft material for kids to land punches boxing set

✅tripled stitched for endless durability karate kids

✅made up with heavy duty material kids boxing bag

✅all sports for boxing, mma, karate, bjj, krav maga etc.

✅Better option then standing punching bag for kids

✅Comes unfilled- to save shipping time and to make it more affordable

✅Fill it in less then 60 seconds with blankets, clothes, towels, bed sheets, pillows, poly-fill etc.

✅boxing kid’s great sports Kids punching bag with gloves

✅increases kid’s self confidence and immunity punching bag

✅great for all ages toddlers, kids, youth kids punching bag with stand

✅Great gift for children age 3 age 4 age 5 age 6 age 7 age 8 age 9 age.

✅Punching bag gloves included with kids punching dummy bag.