Brand : Fishing Mania

500g Fishing Mania 1 PC Slow Fall Pitch jig Fishing Lures Sinking Lead Metal Flat Jigs Jigging Baits for Saltwater Fishing 6 Colors 300G/400G/500G Pure Gold with Luminous Stripes

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BRAND : Fishing Mania

COLOR : Yellow

MANUFACTURER : Fishing Mania


SIZE : 500g

WEIGHT : 500 Grams

  • ·       {Material} Fishing Mania slow pitched jigs made by super 9T lead material, hard and difficult deformation. Corrosion resistant.
  • ·       {Luminous Effect} Jigs with fluorescent stripes design on the back, which glow in the dark, great for dark water and low-light conditions, luminous stirpes excites visual predators.
  • ·       {Jig’s Finishing} Unique Fish scale design creates and reflects light to attract predator. Multi-layer coating prevent peeling and give optimal light refraction, which is proven to pull fish in from a distance
  • ·       {Jig’s Action} The swimming action of the j­ig mimic injured bait fish which present a ready meal for any hunting fish.
  • ·       {Target Species} Widely used in saltwater, brilliant for a very broad range of fish species, such as tunas, blue fin, dog tooth, yellow fin, kingfish, cobia, amberjacks, jacks, bonito, snappers, groupers, tilefish etc.
  • ·       {USAGE and TIPS} Drop the jig and let it fall while free spooling. Some fish may strike on a down stroke. Wait for the jig to reach the bottom, make a long jigging stroke and wait for the jig to reach bottom again. Continue jigging follow by three short stroke and repeat this jigging method till the jig reaches the surface. MAKE IT GLOW: expose the jigs under sunshine or strong light before use, they will work better.

CF Slow Fall Jig is designed for the big monster. Our jig is carefully tuned and the swimming action have been carefully designed to produce more catch. The zig zag action during the fall mimic a wounded fish which attract the predators to attack the jig the moment it reaches the strike zone. The luminous stripes work especially great for low light environment to attract any curious fish to come for a bite. The jig is versatile for short crank and also long pitch action.