Brand : Atwood Rope Mfg. Co

A.C. Kerman - LE Atwood Rope 550-Pound Type III 7 Strand Core Paracord

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BRAND : Atwood Rope Mfg. Co

COLOR : White

ITEM WEIGHT : 8.0 ounces


PART NUMBER : AR550100-S08

SIZE : 1/8-Inch x 100-Feet

Don't be fooled by cheap paracord. Atwood Rope makes the original 550 Type III paracord right here in the USA. Unlike inferior parachute cord, all Atwood paracord consists of a seven strand core made with three separate strands. This stuff is tough! Paracord is a must for camping, hiking, survival and millions of other uses including securing equipment, shoelaces, vehicle tie downs, sewing, repairing equipment, making a bow, making a shelter, fish gill nets, fishing line, animal snares, clothes lines, lanyards, anchor line, binding, adult recreation, restraints, tooth floss, splints, tourniquet, braiding, bracelets and other crafts. This 100' bundle is great addition to your survival kit or pack. Get the color you want; everything from our traditional and camouflage series to our Zombie apocalypse line. You will love it. Genuine Atwood Paracord has the Atwood Rope Mfg. Co. label; accept no substitutes!