Brand : ADV Tennis

ADV Tennis Dampener with Custom Feel, Racket Shock Absorber to Reduce Vibration and Stay on The Racket, Engineered Poly-Silicone Tennis Racket Dampener, Set of 3

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BRAND : ADV Tennis

COLOR : ‎Midnight | Max Sorb 3-Pack


PART NUMBER : ‎4349990669

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : ‎4.1 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches

WEIGHT : ‎0.02 Kilograms

  • Completely Silence Your Racket - This pack of 3 Max Sorb dampeners offers the most vibration dampening on the market and reduces the most shock to your body. Other ADV shock absorbers and tennis dampeners are available for you to try out.
  • Never Lose Your Dampener Again - The ADV tennis dampener has a unique internal grooved structure that locks on the racket. Unlike standard tennis vibration dampeners, ours stays connected to both cross & main strings, stopping it from popping off.
  • Built From Long Lasting Engineered Poly-Silicone - These tennis shock absorbers are built with a proprietary poly-silicone blend developed by our engineers. They can withstand heavy & frequent contact. Each dampener is meticulously made with dense composite materials for extra durability.
  • Reduce Impact & Injuries - Minimize harmful shock on your wrist & elbows when using our tennis racket shock absorber. It works well to lessen vibrations that may hurt your elbow or cause other damage.
  • Lifetime Guarantee with a Promise to Do Good - If, for any reason, you would like to return a product, we offer a no hassle replacement or full refund. We are grateful for all that our customers allow us to do, such as helping non-profits that promote youth empowerment through tennis. Our customers support us and we always promise to pay it forward.