Brand : Albatross Outdoors

Albatross Outdoors Emergency Survival Fire Starter -Ferrocerium Rod- Showers Sparks at 5000 °F - Wooden Ergo Handle- with Multitool Striker, Hex Wrench, Bottle Opener, Map Scale

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BRAND : Albatross Outdoors

MANUFACTURER : Albatross Outdoors

PART NUMBER : 602573971147

PRODUCT ID : 6562852110531

  • Robust Ferrocerium Rod - Shower tinder 5000 °F sparks with a single strike. 8mm Ø allows for thousands of strikes to give a dependable fire starter that no camper should be without.
  • Premium Etched Wooden Handle - Grip confidently with ergonomic natural wooden handle.
  • Multipurpose Striker - Handy striker comes in use for scraping wood for tinder, multitool bottle opener, hex wrench, ruler/map scale, and striking rod for showers of sparks.
  • Ease of Use - Just remove black coating from Ferro Rod with included serrated Scraper, then rapidly strike Scraper away from body on Ferro Rod and watch the sparks fly.
  • Brand: Albatross Outdoors
Albatross Outdoors Emergency Camping Survival Fire Starter -Ferrocerium Rod- Wooden Handle- With Multitool Striker Capable of producing Showers of Sparks at over 5000 °F. Will Serve for thousands of strikes. Use Multitool to scrape branches for tinder. Included Drawstring Pouch is perfect for storage, or use lanyard to tie on to Backpacks.