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AMIGO What The Heck? Strategy Card Game

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 3.75 x 0.88 x 5 inches

WEIGHT : 172.93

  • AGES: 8+ | 2-5 PLAYERS
  • SIMPLE RULES: A diabolically simple card game with plenty of strategy and bluffing, and just five rules
  • NO WAITING: Players play their cards simultaneously
  • CLASSIC CARD GAME: Popular German card game by famous inventor Alex Randolph
  • HOW TO PLAY: Look at a face-up point card then secretly pick a card from your hand. The player who played the highest card takes a positive point card and the player with the lowest card gets stuck with a negative point card as you try to get the highest score.
  • INCLUDES: 75 Player Cards, 15 Point Cards, Illustrated Instructions
  • EASY TO LEARN: Brief how-to-play video available online

To win this game, you'll need to read your opponent's minds - when you figure out which card they're about to play you'll have your chance to win. On each turn, players flip over a point card and compete to take it (if it's a positive number) or avoid it (if it's a negative number). The catch is that everyone starts with the same cards, so you'll need to psyche-out your opponents and play your cards carefully. But if you guess wrong and tie with another player, you both miss out. It's a game filled with highs…and lows.