Brand : Aneco

Aneco Toss and Catch Paddle Game Set Disc Paddles and Toss Ball Sport Game with Storage Bag, 6 Paddles and 6 Balls

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BRAND : Aneco

COLOR : Black


  • Each pack contains 6 paddles and 6 balls, including 3 hard balls and 3 soft balls, we also provide 1 black drawstring bag for you to storage them; there are 3 sets of products, each set contains 2 paddles and 1 soft ball, 1 hard ball, sufficient for many people to play with
  • SIze: the paddle diameter is 18.5cm, that of the big hard ball is 6.5cm, that of the soft ball is 6.3cm; the bag is in length of 36cm, in width of 25cm, large enough for you to keep those products inside
  • Material: the paddles are made of plastic and nylon, durable and strong for you to catch balls; the hard ball is made of plastic, cement, rubber and nylon; the soft ball is made of sponge, soft and safe for you to have fun
  • The paddles have adjustable bands for you to make appropriate adjustments according to your needed; suitable for most people; each person catch a ball and a paddle in his hands and then another person try to catch it; the paddle is sticky, very easy for you to catch a ball
  • Extensive use: the catch paddle game set is ideal for summer play at beaches, parks, gardens for friends; good for young people's hand-eye coordination, and is very suitable for summer activities such as family, friends' parties and camping trips