Brand : Authentic Handmade

Authentic Handmade 120 120 ml Aluminum Twin Dual Injector Mixing Set for Soft Plastic Fishing Bait Forms Lure

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BRAND : Authentic Handmade

COLOR : Silver

MANUFACTURER : Authentic Handmade


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 12.36 x 4.76 x 2.4 inches

SIZE : Large

WEIGHT : 1.09 Kilograms

  • Volume: 120 ml 120 ml (4 4 US Fluid Ounce). Perfect volume if you need to laminate large baits of around 10 inch or use for smaller multi-cavity moIds.
  • Material: Aluminum. Aluminum alloy recommended itself as a light and durable material, which is suitable for moId injectors.
  • Rubber sealing rings. There are two rubber sealing rings to prevent plastisol from leaking as well as to create more pressure during pumping.
  • Injection port: 5/8" injection. This diameter has become a standard over the years for soft plastic bait moIds. It's an optimal size to create targeted pressurized plastisol flow.
  • We recommend to put a marking on the piston rod to determine the safe amount of pressure, which can be applied to piston, without accidental exposure of the cap.

Fishing bait moIds are used to produce DIY soft plastic baits.

MoIds are made from heat resistant engineered stone.

Plastisol (soft plastic) needs to be heated to 180 degrees Celsius (356 F) and injected into the moId using injector.

When making baits you may add color pigments, attractants, glitters etc to achieve the desired look of the bait.

Oil based greasing or cooking spray can be used to lubricate the moId prior to casting. Although it's not mandatory, it simplifies the bait extraction process and give a nice glossy look and needed scent to the baits.

This product is only the bait moId itself. Additional materials like plastisol, coloring etc. needs to be purchased separately.