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AYM Golf Rangefinder, High-Precision Golf Range Finder, Handheld Range Finder, Hunting Telescope Range Finder, Golf Lawn Function, Digital Technology to Measure Distance.

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  • ✔Golf Rangefinder-The measurement of this product is different from the rangefinder. It is a precision optical and digital technology used to measure distance. It does not have any energy in the form of radiation within the measured distance.
  • ✔ There are two selection modes-green mode and normal mode. Through this green mode, you can easily test the distance to the hole. An excellent accessory worthy of various outdoor activities.
  • ✔Accurate and convenient-easy to carry, accurate speed and distance measurement, small deviation. Using precise optical and digital technology to measure distances, make the field of view brighter, higher definition, and measure longer distances.
  • ✔Sturdy structure-high-tech support brings stable measurement results, wear resistance and longer service life.
  • ✔ Multifunctional-This product is suitable for power engineering, hunting, mountaineering, watching games and golfing.

Product description:
1. Switch/adjustment key
2. Function keys
3. Where to put the battery
4. Peephole
5. Objective
Main parameter index:
Objective lens: 28mm;
Eyepiece: 16mm;
Resolution: 13;
Magnification: 7 times;
The farthest test distance: 930 yards (1 yard = 0.914 meters)
Viewing angle: 7.8°;
Power supply: use two cr2032 button batteries (not included)
Volume: 90mm×50mm×38mm;
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