Boxing Resistance Bands Vertical Jump Trainer IMMER LIEBEN Speed and Agility Training Resistance Bands for Boxing, Basketball, Football Trainer and More Full Body Resistance Bands for Adult Teenagers

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COLOR : Black


PART NUMBER : Boxing Bands

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 11 x 9.1 x 3.2 inches

WEIGHT : 1.2 Pounds

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The product is composed of high-quality TPE and mountaineering steel buckles and thick nylon woven fabric. TPE material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high elasticity, high toughness, high strength and strong resilience. The steel buckle is light in weight, rust and corrosion resistant. Make the product stronger and more durable. This exercise bands will bring you more value.
  • EASY TO WEAR AND ADJUST: Applicable waist circumference is 33-39". The maximum stretch of the resistance band can be stretched to three times its length, and then rebound to its original state. Each exercise band has a resistance of 20 pounds. After a number of tests proved that this resistance is suitable for most teenagers and adults. Please wear the waist belt between your waist and hips to prevent the belt from squeezing your abdomen during strenuous exercise.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL EXERCISE BELT: When using the whole set of equipment, it helps you to carry out boxing training and aerobics. So that all muscles are exercised. It can also be fixed on the legs for leg training. Such as running, basketball training, football training, vertical jumping, jumping training, etc. Exercise your muscles, enhance physical endurance and improve physical fitness. Improve speed and agility.
  • PACKAGE: 9 pieces set: 2*20lb arms bands, 2*20lb legs bands, 2*wrist strap, 2*ankle strap, 1* belt and a black dust-proof storage bag. High-density resistance bands. Highly elastic and durable. It is wrapped with black elastic braid. Fashionable design, easy to stretch, anti-wear, increase its durability. The wrist strap, ankle strap and waist belt are fastened with powerful Velcro and can be adjusted to a suitable size for wearing.
  • Always provide better for you: Our IMMER LIEBEN brand provides 30 days free return and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any-time, we will provide a satisfactory reply within 24 hours. We are committed to providing customers with better products and bringing more fun and value to life.

What happens to your body when you exercise:
1.The muscles use glucose and ATP to contract and move. To create more ATP, the body needs more oxygen, breathing increases, and the heart starts pumping more blood to the muscles.
2. When muscles need more oxygen (more than 15 times the oxygen required at rest), the body's breathing rate increases. Once the muscles around your lungs cannot move faster, you have reached the so-called "VO2 max", which is the maximum oxygen consumption. The higher the VO2max index, the healthier.
3. Enhance the function of the heart and lungs.
4. Exercise helps speed up gastrointestinal motility and sweating. Exhaust toxins from the body. Make the skin smoother and healthier.
5. Improve mood. If you are in a bad mood, exercise can help you get rid of the bad mood.
6. Improve sleep quality.
We sincerely wish our products will bring you more value.

Wrist strap: 12 inches
Ankle strap: 15.5 inches
Belt size: length: 56 inches
width: 3.1 inches
Arms and legs resistance bands size: 13.4 in;
Resistance: 20 lb (stackable)
Kit weight: 1.2 lbs

Package list: 2x arms bands
2x legs bands
2x Ankle straps
2x Wrist straps
1x Adjustable belt
1x Black dustproof storage bag