Brand : Butterfly

Butterfly RDJ 4 Player Table Tennis Racket & Ball Set - 4 ITTF Approved Ping Pong Paddles - Addoy Rubber and Sponge - 6 Balls

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BRAND : Butterfly


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 12 x 2.25 x 11.25 inches

WEIGHT : 0.7 kg

  • 4 PLAYER PING PONG SET – This Butterfly ping pong set contains two ping pong paddles and three ping pong balls
  • ADDOY PING PONG PADDLES – This Butterfly 4 Player Ping Pong Paddle Set includes 4 Butterfly Addoy Table Tennis Rackets, which are great for beginners or casual players
  • BUTTERFLY 40+ PING PONG BALLS – This Ping Pong Set includes 6 Butterfly 40+ ping pong balls. They are made of a poly/plastic material
  • EXCELLENT FEEL – The table tennis rackets have a shake hand grip which provides an an excellent feel when striking the ping pong ball

The Butterfly RDJ4 4 Player Ping Pong Paddle Set contains two ping pong paddles and three ping pong balls. The four Butterfly rackets that are included are Addoy rackets. This means that they come with Addoy 2.1 mm rubber sponges attached to them. The rubber sponges are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation and the racket is approved for tournament use. The rubber sponges on these rackets cannot be removed. If you need to replace the rubber after prolonged use, you should buy another ping pong paddle. The ping pong balls that come with the set are Butterfly Easyball 40+ balls. These balls are made of a durable poly/plastic material. The balls are perfect for casual play. The ping pong paddles have a shakehand grip which provides an excellent feel when striking the ball. Butterfly is the preferred brand used by professionals around the world.