Brand : Eitou

Candle Lighter, Eitou USB Electronic Lighter with LED Rechargeable Electric Lighter Long Flexible Neck for Camping Cooking BBQs Fireworks (Gold)

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BRAND : Eitou

COLOR : Gold



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 9 x 0.54 x 0.54 inches

WEIGHT : 2.82 ounces

  • Wind Proof Design prevents the electric pulse produced from being blown out by strong wind, The lightweight design makes the lighter easy to carry and ideal for camping, firework, BBQ ,hiking ,indoor and outdoor activitiess.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery,Power status shows from 1 to 4 blue lights.It will remind you to charge when low power. Installed battery indicator, When 5 LED lights turn on, it is full charged.
  • The USB lighter is activated when you flip the safety switch and press and hold down the on button. Once released, the arc shuts off. 8s auto power-off protect you and your lighter.This electric arc lighter adopts dual safety switch increased children safety,
  • Environmental protection.Plasma wave technology is used to make plasma waves hotter than fire, which can get rid of the dependence on chemical fuels. It is safe to use, and it will not produce harmful gases.
  • The long flexible neck can be easily shaped, bent, twisted and angled any way you want. Its extra long extended neck can be rotated 360°making it the most versatile lighter.