Brand : Bswalf

Candle Lighter, Plasma Electric Arc Lighters Have Triple Safety with LED Battery Display ,USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless for Camping Kitchen Grill Candle (Rose Gold)

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BRAND : Bswalf

COLOR : Rose Gold



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 7.28 x 2.01 x 0.87 inches

WEIGHT : 1.16 ounces

  • ⭐【Windproof plasma technology】The radio waves generated by plasma technology can be used in strong winds or humid environments. there is no open flame, it will not be blown out! Electric arc lighters can meet the needs of any different scenes. This is an indispensable tool for outdoor sports, camping, barbecue fireworks, and indoor gas stove candles.Candle Lighter will be an ideal lighter for inclement weather.
  • ⭐【Future trend】Say goodbye to disposable butane lighters, plasma lighter is the future trend of ignition.Electric lighters will not produce harmful gases, so that the environment is no longer polluted. No flame, no butane, no trouble,making ignition more convenient. This is your best choice for lighter!
  • ⭐【6.6inch】 The 6.6 inches candle lighter can keep you a safe distance from the flame and meet most ignition needs, thereby protecting you and your family from burns. The weight is only 33 grams, which is very convenient to carry.
  • ⭐【USB charging】 This candle lighter is USB rechargeable and reusable. It reminds you of the battery level through the LED battery display, and is very convenient to charge through a computer, socket, power bank.
  • ⭐【Triple protection】 For safety reasons, this lighter has dual switch and triple protection. 1. Double switch. 2. It will automatically power off after 10 seconds of continuous work. 3. When the Ignition switch is turned on, it will automatically power off if it does not work for a long time. This design can effectively prevent children from accidentally igniting the lighter and causing a fire.