Brand : Champs MMA

Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball Great for Reaction Speed and Hand Eye Coordination Training Boxing Equipment Fight Speed, Boxing Gear, Punching Ball Reflex Bag (Advanced)

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BRAND : Champs MMA


PART NUMBER : Revenger-reflex-ball

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 3.7 x 2.95 x 2.64 inches

WEIGHT : 0.14 Kilograms

  • ADVANCED REFLEX BALL – harder and heavier than the rest. Take your hand eye coordination to the next level.
  • CAT LIKE REFLEXES -The best way to develop your reflexes, reaction speed and hand eye coordination.
  • BOXING EQUIPMENT – this fight ball bundle is a must have addition to your boxing gear set.
  • 1 SIZE FITS ALL - Our new design comes with an adjustable headband and string, kids to adults.
  • MIX IT UP – burn calories, improve your reaction speed, reflexes and have fun at the same time.

Martial Artist? Developing reflexes, hand eye coordination and reaction speed is an essential part for any martial art, but unfortunately is usually overlooked. Well drilled and conditioned reflexes, coupled with the right state of mind, will take your sparring and fighting to the next level. The Champs boxing reflex ball should be a part of every fighters boxing equipment collection. Boxing Ball is the future of Boxing training Every day, more professional fighters add the Reflex Ball to their training routine. Since the Reflex Ball is so effective at developing reaction speed and hand eye coordination, most combat martial artists now see it as an integral part of their training. What are the benefits for your kids? Not only will your kids love it, the benefits for your kids are huge for the price: It will keep them away from the phone or tablet and get them to move around and work out. It will develop their hand eye coordination, reaction speed and reflexes. Cognitive scientists at Indiana University have discovered a strong correlation between hand-eye coordination, learning abilities, and social communication skills. look it up parents. While playing on the phone or tablet hinders those skills. And of course, your kids will have a lot of fun on the way!