Brand : Cimarron Sports

Cimarron Sports 4 x 6 Foot Baseball Softball Pitcher Training Aid Practice Batting Cage Net Vinyl Backstop with Catcher Image, Backstop Only

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BRAND : Cimarron Sports

MANUFACTURER : Cimarron Sports


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 11.5 x 9 x 2.5 inches

WEIGHT : 1.51 Kilograms

  • SOFTBALL/BASEBALL PITCHER TRAINING AID: Practice your pitching aim and protect your batting cage netting with this vinyl backstop
  • STOPS THROWN PITCHES: Heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon canvas backstop stops the hardest pitched balls with no problem
  • TARGET AREA: Includes printed image of a catcher with mitt target area for baseball and softball pitchers to aim at
  • NET SAVER: Use as a heavy-duty backstop or net saver to prolong the life of your batting cage net
  • EASY TO USE: Measures 6 feet high by 4 feet wide and easily attaches to your existing batting cage net

The best way to improve at your sport is with a little help. Develop your pitching skills with help from the Cimarron Sports 4- by 6-Foot Baseball/Softball Backstop. This batting cage backstop can be used for pitching practice and as a net saver. This training aid is a vinyl backstop with the image of a catcher printed on it. This vinyl baseball and softball backstop is designed to help pitchers practice their throwing techniques for better aim and precision. While the batting cage backstop gives pitchers something to aim at, it also protects your netting. This allows pitchers to throw at full-strength without worrying about damaging the batting cage netting. This baseball backstop is constructed of heavy-duty vinyl-coated nylon canvas. The material stops the hardest pitched balls, no problem. Overall, the pitcher backstop measures 6 feet high by 4 feet wide and easily attaches to your existing batting cage net.