Brand : Ducurt

Ducurt Crab Trap Minnow Trap, 2PCS Crawfish Fish Trap for Bait Fish, Folded Crawdad Crayfish Traps

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BRAND : Ducurt

COLOR : 2 PCS Bait Traps



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 14.68 x 11.46 x 2.24 inches

WEIGHT : 8.4 Ounces

  • What You Get: 2PCS fishing crab traps. Foldable fishing net engineered for catching crabs, minnows, crayfish, crawfish, blue crabs, small fish, baitfish, shrimps and catfish.
  • Fish Traps for Fishing: Multiple strands of nylon woven mesh makes the whole bait traps durable, not easily tearing apart with trapped crawfish struggle. 0.5" small meshes avoids baitfish escaping out.
  • Portable Minnow Traps: 8.4oz fishing net traps, not bulky or heavy, easy to carry in your camping and kayak fishing. Just squeeze it together and bend locking clasps down to fold back up.
  • Fishing Bait Traps: 1/8inch thickness galvanized steel wire spring holding the cage open. 5.5" diameter funnel-shaped entrances large enough for decent sized crabs and minnows entering but difficult to run out.
  • How To Use: Put prepared baitbag on the rope in the middle of crawdad traps, throw it into the water and waiting for preys to enter. You can also add some weights for sinking quickly to target spot and avoid from moving in rough waters.