Brand : EAmber

EAmber Camo Wrap Tape Rifle Shotgun Camouflage Form Wrap 1.96'' x 177'' Military Army Hunting Self-Adhesive Protective Bandage for Rifles,Flashlights,Bicycle

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BRAND : EAmber

COLOR : 4 Rolls



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 6.06 x 5.16 x 2.4 inches

SIZE : Tree Leaves Camo

WEIGHT : 0.07 Kilograms

  • 【Self-adhesive Firmly】 - Camouflage warp tape is weak glue design, and it can only stick to itself firmly. So it's easy to remove it as you replace new tapes. Just wrap the surface of the object, hold the tape tightly to strengthen the adhesion of the tape itself. The paste will be very sticky for long time use. The non-woven fabric also enables it to conform to the contours of various shapes items.
  • 【Various Concealing Cover】 - It can be perfect to conceal your shoutguns, sight or other items in outdoor. The tapes blends perfectly into trees, jungle, grass and surrounding shrubbery. You can literally hide into the bushes and the surrounding habitat. It also eliminates noise in the woods and keep quiet. This camo tape will be a great helper for your hunting or a cool decoration.
  • 【No Residue】 - They are very clean weak glue without any residue. As you want to change the color or just remove it, it will leave no any glues or other stickiness on it. Just feel free to buy and replace them! You can also cut them to small strips to fit different parts of objects.
  • 【Multiple Uses】 - It will wrap almost all hunting gears well. Perfect for basic covering of items like hunting shoutgun, sights, bows, cameras, seats, knife handles, flashlights, bottles and other equipments. It will also protect your devices from scratches and keeps them alway new.
  • 【Durable and Reusable】 - Camouflage wrap tape is versatile, durable, and reusable for long time use. It's a very practical and cost-effective camouflage tape. The new tape have a slight smell of glue, and will go away after a few days.