Brand : Zarler

Electric Candle Lighter, Zarler Rechargeable Plasma Lighter with USB Cable, Windproof Arc Grill Lighters for Camping, BBQ, Stove, Kitchen, Fireplace, Flameless Lighter with Safety Lock

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BRAND : Zarler



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 7.83 x 2.2 x 0.75 inches

WEIGHT : 2.08 ounces

  • Dual Protection: Zarler electric lighters prevent accidental ignition especially for kids - you have to press and hold the back safety button while you slide out the arc tips to heat. Auto off after 7 seconds to avoid overheating.
  • Windproof and Splashproof: Zarler plasma lighters is perfectly weatherproof for outdoor activities like camping, grilling/barbecuing, hiking, etc. There is slight buzzing when working due to high-voltage power generation. Please use with relax.
  • Compact and Slim: The 7" long lighter ensures portability while keeping your hand a safe distance from the lit flame.
  • Save Money, Save the Planet: Zarler USB candle lighters can be used up to 500 times on a single charge. No butane, no pollutants, and no plastic case wastes.
  • Battery Display: This arc lighter features four LED lights that provide real-time battery information. When all of the lights are on, the lighter is fully charged. The USB charging cable is included in the package.