Brand : Veksun

Electric Lighter, USB Rechargeable Double Arc Flameless Windproof Plasma Lighter Cool Lighter for Camping, Hunting, Backpacking,Hiking,Firestarter,Survival,EDCetc (Black) %u2026

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BRAND : Veksun

COLOR : Black


  • Electric Plasma Lighter, it is a rechargeable, double arc, flameless, windproof and butane-free lighter. Its powerful dual-arc plasma emitters produce a windproof solution to lighting a fire.
  • Gift Lighter, It comes in a beautiful elegant gift box with USB charging cable.
  • Solid Lighter, It features solid corrosion resistant metal construction that works in all weather conditions
  • A Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint . Disposable lighters waste your money and harm the environment. This eco friendly lighter are butane free and easy to use. Never have to buy another disposable lighter again.
  • Cool Lighter, Touch switch, just open cap, touch, then lighting. This USB rechargeable windproof lighter could be a good choice if you want a flameless lighter for fire starter, incense, campfires etc.