Brand : umberlo

Electric Lighters Rechargeable 2 Pack. Phone Lighter, USB Rechargeable Lighters. Lighter for Phone, Phone Ring Holder, Cool Lighters (2Pack-Rainbow/Silver)

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BRAND : umberlo

COLOR : Round



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 1.89 x 0.23 x 1.92 inches

WEIGHT : 4.2 ounces

  • USB butane free rechargeable lighters. Plasma lighters securely attach to phone and any magnetic car mount. These lighters are perfect to use indoor and outdoor. Cute lighters for women.
  • 360 degree rotation phone ring holder and kickstand to balance your device on any flat surface. USB lighter is flameless, non-toxic, and works in any weather condition.
  • Unique cool heart design rechargeable lighters. Keep one and gift one to a friend. Set includes a fun rainbow design electronic lighter and modern mirror finish silver lighter.
  • Fancy lighters for women is a perfect gift set-includes two heart-shaped plasma rechargeable lighters. Each rechargeable lighter comes with a USB cable charger in a single gift box. Fast charging and easy to use.
  • Plasma lighter electric arc lighter is a cool lighter that can also be used as a phone ring holder. Phone case lighter attachment-coolest gadgets to have.

Impress your friends with these chic and stylish flameless lighters. Eco-friendly, rechargeable USB lighters securely attach to your phone and spark conversation :). These electric lighters are fun and modern alternative to outdated (easy to lose) butane lighters! LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Lighter is intended only for users age 18 and over. Do not use near face, body, hair, or clothing. Do not touch the heating coil (flue) as it will cause burns or small shock. Seller is not responsible for any injury due to misuse of this lighter or damage to phone or case. AKA: arc lighter electronic lighter rechargeable lighter girl ring usb rechargeable lighter usb lighters rechargeable lighters electric windproof lighters electric lighters rechargeable flameless lighters usb electric cigarette lighter arc lighters flameless lighters rechargeable encendedores electricos rechargeable electric lighter electric arc lighter usb rechargeable outdoor lighter heart lighter cigarette lighters usb arc plasma lighter rechargeable arc lighters for smoking electric usb lighter electric lighter coil charge lighter electric luxury lighters blue best lighters for cigarettes plasma outdoor lighters windproof smartignition electric lighter usb weatherproof lighters gold electric lighter e lighter usb smart lighters for smoking fancy lighters for smoking cigarettes portable arc lighter small electric lighter electric lighter rechargeable usb plasma future reusable lighter plasma lighters para cigarros fireless lighters phone case lighter phone lighter ring lighter for cigarettes cool lighters for men lighter for phone case lighter phone case usb c lighter electric cigar lighter reusable lighter portable cigarette lighter ring lighters for smoking cool electric lighters mobile spark lighter for women phone case with lighter phone lighter ring clip reusable lighters coolest lighters phone grip lighter clip electronic lighters for smoking lighter phone ring lighter cute lighter