Brand : Elite Brands USA

Elite Brands USA Plasma Arc Trendy Long Neck Rechargeable Windproof USB Lighter, Ideal for Gas Stove Candle Fireplace Kitchen Grills BBQ, Flameless Without Butane, Electric Beam Lighter (Gold)

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BRAND : Elite Brands USA

COLOR : Gold



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 10.16 x 2.32 x 1.26 inches; 1.92 Ounces

WEIGHT : 1.92 Ounces

  • WINDPROOF , FLAMELESS : Plasma Technology Generates a Windproof Plasma Arc Pulse hotter than fire, Multi-Purpose Usage to Easily and Safely fulfill all your lighting needs; No Butane, No Flame, A Eco Friendly, Cleaner, Easier and Safer way to light
  • USB RECHARGEABLE : Plazmatic Lighter comes with the USB Cord, Could be Charged with any USB Power Port; Gets Fully Charged in about an Hour and gives more than 400 Sparks or 3 Hours of Use per Charge; Excellent Battery Life
  • SMARTER , SAFER : Trendy Decorative Looks, Comes in Various Colour and Design Options to match every style, Long Extended Wand for Lighting Hard to Reach Places from Safe Distance and Easy to Operate Child Resistant Switch
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE : Ideal for Candles, Kitchens, Stovetops, Grill, Barbeque, Fireplace , Fireworks, Lanterns, Fragrance lamps, Pipes, Camping, Outdoors and Much More
  • 100 S;ATISFACTION GURANTEE : If our Lighter fails to Perform to your Satisfaction, It will be replaced at No Cost, Return the Lighter with Description of Failure, No Questions Asked

Say goodbye to old disposable lighters and welcome the rechargeable and ecofriendly future! Our Electric Arc Lighter uses advanced and efficient Plasma arc technology to produce a laser like easily accessible high temperature arc for lighting everything from Birthday Candles to Camping Fires.No messy butane or liquid lighter fuel to worry about as it is powered by a highly efficient Rechargeable Battery.Flameless, thus Completely Windproof , it’s a perfect and a must have outdoor lighter for using in windy or rainy conditions. A splendid choice for making a lifestyle statement , available in variety of Colors and Designs to match every style , comes packaged in lovely box for gifting.

Elite Brands Lighters are
Reliable, Durable and Safe, made with focus on quality and ease of use.Every Elite Brand lighter passes through stringent quality controls to ensure Complete Customer Satisfaction.


  • Easy to Operate ,Ergonomic Grip and Conveniently located Buttons

  • Weatherproof, Ideal to use outdoors in rain or windy gusts

  • LED Battery Indicator, 5 LED Battery Charge Indicator

  • Low Sound Operation Low sound while operating

  • Gasless Butane Free, Cleaner and Eco-friendly Way to Light

  • Rechargeable Easily and Economically Recharge with any USB Power Port

  • Excellent Battery Life High Quality Lithium Battery for Long Usage

  • Easily Accessible Arc Specially Designed to give easily Accessible Arc

  • Strong and DurableWell Built with High Quality Materials to Provide Premium Finish and Long Usage.

Includes:-One Arc Lighter, USB Charging Cable and Gift Box with Instruction Manual with Usage Details

Precaution:- Follow the Instructions when using this product ,Failure to follow may result in burn Injury, Keep away from Children.