Brand : ETIC

ETIC Toronto Wobbler Hologram Fishing Spoons Kit 100% Made of Brass, 4pcs Fishing Lures, Fishing Tackle, Fishing Gear, Fishing Lures for Trout, Salmon, Pike, Walleye, Bass and More

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PART NUMBER : 503-A3818287884

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 6.89 x 2.6 x 0.39 inches

WEIGHT : 0.06 Kilograms

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS : The Toronto Wobbler is built to last ! Impact and corrosion proof, its premium construction 100 m;ade of brass makes this fishing spoon durable and performant for years to come. The Toronto Wobbler is equipped with a strong, durable and sharp hook for flawless hooking.
  • ATTRACTIVE COLORS : This kit of Toronto Wobbler fishing spoons comes in four different attractive colors for fish, HEX Red Flame, HEX Rainbow, HEX Green Firetiger and HEX Blue Firetiger. These four colors are perfect for covering different types of fishing conditions and provide a very attractive light reflection for the fish.
  • AGGRESSIVE ACTION : The Toronto Wobbler fishing spoon has a slow retrieve which gives it a very attractive action for the fish. The Toronto Wobbler has a wobbling action that sends vibrations through the water to attract more fish.
  • WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS : The Toronto Wobbler and its weight of ¼ oz make it perfect for deep fishing. This spoon is designed to fish between 12 to 15 feet of water when trolling and between 3 to 10 feet when casting depending on the speed retrieved. The Toronto Wobbler is 3" by 1" 1/16 wide which makes this spoon perfect for a lot of fish species.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE : The Toronto Wobbler fishing spoon is perfect for targeting a lot of species like bass, pike, walleye, trout, salmon and many more. This fishing spoon is perfect for any kind of fishing adventure whether in a lake, river or sea !

The Toronto Wobbler fishing spoon has been a favorite spoon in the industry for over 60 years, and remains year after year, one of the most popular spoons on the market. No matter what species you are targeting, the Toronto Wobbler is a timeless classic designed by ETIC ! The Toronto Wobbler is perfect for catching several types of fish. Its rotating action produces a constant vibration in the water which makes this fishing spoon very effective for bass, pike, walleye, trout, salmon and many more species. With its weight of ¼ oz and its length of 3" this spoon is perfect for fishing between 12 and 15 feet of water. The history of this spoon does not lie, the Toronto Wobbler will give you a lot of success on your next fishing trips !