Brand : FightX

FightX Punching Mitts for Boxing Leather Curved Punch Mitts Men & Women MMA Training Equipment Muay Thai Sparring Training Mitts MMA Hitting Pads Available Multiple Colors

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BRAND : FightX

COLOR : Black/Yellow Fluorescent



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 11.97 x 11.1 x 7.2 inches

WEIGHT : 0.48 Kilograms

  • Solid Material Inside: It's extremely important to check the material used inside the punching mitts before buying them. That's the core matter giving you speed, flexibility and power to train harder and better. Our mitts are made of just the perfect material to increase your efficiency with every punch.
  • PU Leather: Finished with the PU leather on the outside, our boxing pads fight back cracks, cuts and creases, maintaining their fresh look even after hundreds of punches. Use them as roughly as you want. No wrinkles for this Goldie.
  • Multitasking: Versatility is our guiding principle. One punching mitt to cater all your needs. Buy now and use our punching pads for MMA training, punching sessions, kickboxing karate, Muay Thai, boxing etc. Our all-in-one manufacturing policy is perfect for all sports and training enthusiasts.
  • Impressive shock absorption: a good punching mitt is nothing if it doesn't guarantee shock absorption. Here's the formula. Maximum shock absorption equals maximum game performance. Extra foam padding and enhanced stitching ensure you get the right impact time and hasten the next move.
  • Flexible Design: It fits properly on your hand, giving you extra precision and adding quality to your training. It's precurved design helps maintain perfect angle for your hands. FightX equipment prevents injury and dislocation of your wrist and fingers.

Reasons to choose FightX

Are you planning to make this year a fitness challenge, a sports goal or a body training spree? FightX Punching Mitts are your perfect companion for this venture! Solid in buildup, attractive in design and multitasking in usage - our punching pads or mittens guarantee a long lasting life and durability.

Irresistibly good inside out!

Fight and punch for longer sessions now with FightX boxing mitts. Do not fear any damage to the fine leather or the shape of pads. We use high quality material both inside and outside the mitts to protect their overall appearance and retain their functionality.

Protect and attack with equal precision!

Your palms, fingers and wrists are secure with our punching mitts. The high shock absorbance owes to the prevents injuries or dislocations whole training. Try our durable product today and test what we say! You won't be disappointed, champ!

✔ Solid build and attractive design

✔ High shock absorbance for protection

✔ Flexible straps for wrist

✔ PU leather prevents cracks or cuts in mitts

✔ Multi-purpose - used in different sports and training techniques

It's a done deal!;

FightX champions in manufacturing ideal boxing gear within reasonable price. Take out all the different sets of mitts for every other game you play. Buy our punching mitts now and use them for MMA training, punching sessions, kickboxing karate, Muay Thai, boxing. An all-in-one offer you can't overlook.