Grabber 18 Hour Body Warmers l 30 Units

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 10.39 x 9.49 x 4.53 inches

WEIGHT : 1.78 Kilograms

  • SAFE, NATURAL, LONG-LASTING HEAT - Each Grabber Body Warmer is made with natural ingredients and lasts up to 18 hours, which means you get 540 hours of soothing warmth per display
  • HOW TO ACTIVATE - Open the package, expose the warmer to air, and allow 15-30 minutes to heat up fully. If warmth decreases, expose warmer to air again and shake. After use, dispose of with regular trash
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Each Grabber Body Warmer is made in the USA with natural ingredients that don't harm the environment like iron, water, vermiculite, charcoal, polymer & salt
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE - Small enough to pack in a backpack and safe enough to go through TSA, Grabber Body Warmers are easy to travel with no matter where you're going

Stock up, save and Conquer the Cold with a 30 unit display of Grabber Body Warmers! We've got you covered, no matter what cold stress situation you find yourself in. Each warmer lasts up to 18 hours and provides fast heat that doesn't need to be recharged or reheated. They're safe to use, convenient to pack in a backpack or toolbox, and can be disposed of with regular trash. Grabber Warmers are made with natural ingredients that don't harm the environment and have a four year shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place. Purchase from a Ships from listing to ensure you get the best quality warmers.