GRAVITYFREESPORTS Baseball Softball Resistance Bands - Pitching Throwing Training Stretching Equipment Available in 3 Levels / Youth, Adult, Elite / Anchor Strap, Door Mount , Design Card for You

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COLOR : Blue Bands[High School_Travel Teams]

MANUFACTURER : gravityrfreesports


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 8.43 x 8.39 x 3.27 inches

WEIGHT : 0.37 Kilograms

  • GRAVITYFREESPORTS Baseball Bands : Warm up and Strengthen muscles before exercising to help players train safely. This is training tool that helps you improve your pitching, throwing, passing, otherwise, hitting, etc. quickly.
  • You can prevent injuries during training. : By warming up and stretching your back shoulder legs rotator cuff and glutes you significantly reduce your chances of having a sports-related injury. Warm up your muscles using an exercise band for 5-10 minutes before the match, and stretch using a band after the match. It has the effect of cooling down muscles.
  • Anchor Strap : Hook and loop attachment straps allow easy fixation to a pole or beams. Door Mount With D-Ring : Attach between the hinges or the top of the closed door during a simple arm movement at home.
  • Sports Bands for people who love sports. : This product is a premium stretch band for more exercise that helps exercise for softball, basketball, gym addicts, physical therapy, pilates and yoga enthusiasts.
  • This guarantees a 100 r;efund. Give it a try!

GRAVITYFREESPORTS Bands are a valuable exercise and resistance training tool for baseball and softball players who want to increase rotational speed and strengthen their rotator cuff. ArmPro Bands are affordable and easy to use and should be an important component to baseball and softball players development. These bands are designed for multiple uses; such as pregame or practice warm up routine to strengthen the rotator cuff, scapular complex and rotational mechanics. GRAVITYFREESPORTS is also an effective ingredient in a player's workout protocol and uses resistance to provide exceptional results. We have created an opportunity for athletes to incorporate the GRAVITYFREESPORTS into every major aspect of their development. Using resistance like the GRAVITYFREESPORTS Bands in your training can contribute to: