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HaSteeL Metal Spatula Set of 7, Stainless Steel Griddle Accessories Kit with Wooden Handle, Heavy Duty Griddle Spatula Tools Great for Outdoor BBQ Flat Top Teppanyaki Cooking Camping Grilling

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 14.84 x 4.92 x 3.78 inches

WEIGHT : 3.32 pounds

  • INCLUDED - Comes with 1 x Solid Pancake Flipper, 1 x Perforated Spatula, 1 x Barbecue Turner, 1 x Slant Edge Scraper, 1 x Perforated Burger Turner, 1 x Griddle Scraper, 1 x Crinkle Cutter, 7 Hooks attached for hanging without mess
  • HEAVY DUTY - Made of premium 420 stainless steel ensure its durability and rust proof, Thick metal and solid construction can stand heavy press without deformation or broken, Professional grade makes you feel like a grilling master
  • RIVETED - Bilateral triple rivets fixed into handle firmly make sure no more nails coming off, Premium wooden will not come to break or fade and strong handle without burrs is heat proof for safety while using, Feeling comfortable in your hands
  • CRAFTED - Designed thin beveled edge make it slide beneath food and flip them over more easier, Perforations reduce excess grease for your healthy, Long enough of metal hold more items at once and flat smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze
  • VERSATILE - A must have for BBQ fans who enjoy party at backyard or outdoor, for dads who love to cookouts with family, for tailgating enthusiast who are camp-loving and chefs who work for hotel, Scrapers can cut food directly and remove residual off

A Perfect Meal Required A Professional Set of Griddle Tools.
BBQ fans know that the quality of griddle accessories tools kit is just as important as taste of the food no matter you cookouts or backyard party. HaSteeL metal spatula set of 12 are made of
high quality 420 stainless steel and premium beech wooden handle ensure its long service life and make you feel like a grill pro by serving more delicious food for your family or friends.

Let These Food Grade Griddle Spatulas Make Your Every Cooking Moment Special.
Beveled Edge - easy to slide under food to flip them over and cut small piece directly.
Wooden Rivets Handle - sturdy rivets are fixed tightly and no more nails falling apart.
Perforated Surface - help to reduce excess grease for your healthy.
Flat Metal - thick enough to pick up heavier items without broken.
Efficiently Cleaning - scraper can chop vegetables and meat directly and scrap residual off when the cooking is done.

Including Barbecue Tools Are:
1 X Long Solid Pancake Flipper, Size 14.2in by 3in
1 X Long Perforation Spatula, Size 14.2in by 3in
1 X Regular Burger Turner, Size 11.5in by 3 in
1 X Perforation BBQ Turner, Size 11.5in by 3 in
1 X Slant Edge Scraper, Size 13.5in by 4in
1 X Griddle Scarper, Size 6in by 4in
1 X French Fries Slicer Knife, Size 7.25in by 4.7in
7 X Hooks for hanging tidily

Using Tips:
1.Please using soda water with mild detergent to thoroughly clean those residual left from manufactory before first using.
2.Please wash those tools immediately before and after using for healthy life.
3.Please dry them with soft rag and keep it in a dry place for better maintenance.

Thanks you for shopping with HaSteeL and wish you enjoy your cooking with our products!