Brand : LENTRA

Hot Hand Warmers Heat Pack - 80 Count - 11 Hours Long Lasting Natural Safe and Odorless Single Use Air Activated Heat Packs for Hands, Toes and Body - TSA Approved

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COLOR : White.


PART NUMBER : Hand warmers

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 10.16 x 7.13 x 5.79 inches

SIZE : 80 hand Warmers

WEIGHT : 2.84 Kilograms

  • LONG-LASTING HEAT: Keep your hands toasty when it’s cold outside with up to 10 hours of heat. Use them in your gloves or pockets and instantly feel soothing warmth. Premium quality, Each Box Contains 40 2-packs, 80 Warmers Total
  • EASY TO ACTIVATE: Warmth is at your fingertips with these ready to use warmers. Receiving some instant warmth is easy because they’re air activated and heat up in just minutes and reheating is simple, just expose to air and shake.
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: These single use heat packs are great for traveling and they’re TSA approved. Each packet is compact and contains two warming pouches. Conveniently store them in your car, backpack, luggage or coat pockets.
  • DISPOSABLE & SAFE: These single use hand warmers are made from ingredients that won’t harm the environment so you can toss them after each use. They use natural heat to keep your hands cozy and they’re safe for adults and kids.
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOORS: When the weather gets cold and icy get some instant warmth through your hands or feet. They’re great for outdoor activities and events like, sports games, hunting, camping, hiking, skiing, hunting, fishing and more!

Don’t let the cold keep you indoors! Lentra Hand Warmers are designed to keep your hands cozy when it’s cold outside. These warmers are for singles use and activated by air to provide up to 11 hours of soothing warmth for your hands and fingers.Each package contains two individually sealed warmers that are ready to use. These single-use heat packets are super convenient and can be disposed of after use with regular garbage because the ingredients won’t harm the environment. Non-harmful ingredients make them great for children and adults. Use them in your gloves or pockets and comfortably enjoy hours of heat.PRODUCT FEATURES:Up To 11 Hours of Heat Keeps You Warm When it’s Cold Ultra-Thin Ready to Use Air Activated Safe Natural Heat Odorless, Dry and Clean TSA Approved Convenient and Portable Single Use, Disposable Safe and Natural Heat Ingredients Will Not Harm the Environment 80 Pack - Each Box Contains 40 2-packs, (80 Warmers Total)GREAT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES!Keep the heat even in the dead of winter. Keep your hands, fingers, toes and feet warm any and everywhere. These heat packets are especially great for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, jogging, sporting events and more! Compact packaging makes them convenient for storage. Keep them in your car, backpack, purse or luggage and have them ready to use when you feel the chill and because they’re TSA approved you can take them with you when you travel.EASY TO USEActivating the heat packets is quick and easy! Simply remove the warmer from the outer package and shake it to activate. The packet will heat up in  minutes. If heat reduces simply expose it to air and shake again. For maximum efficiency place warmer in pocket or gloves. After use just toss it in the regular garbage!