Brand : Jinkai Line

Jinkai Premium Monofilament - 100yd Spool - #60 - Crystal Clear (#60 (100yds))

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BRAND : Jinkai Line


  • • High Quality Leader Material
  • • Strong outer shell - Subtle inner core
  • • Crystal Clear 100yd Lengths
  • • Jinkai Matched system with line, sleeves and tools

The Jinkai 100 yard SPOOLS are part of the Jinkai “Smart” fishing line system that helps you manage and store your leader material so you spend more time fishing. Use the Jinkai line tools for the best performance,The dynamic patented process by which JINKAI is produced and precise Blending of just the right nylons are the secrets that have unleashed a line that has extraordinary capabilities. When the line is extruded, nylon molecules are “Polarized” to maintain a soft center with a tight outer surface. This allows JINKAI to remain sensitive and responsive, yet provides incomparable toughness and strength in micro-fine diameters. JINKAI line has Powerful tensile and Knot strength, with an unequaled resistance to abrasion. JINKAI is manufactured to have a softness and sensitivity, which gives you a greater casting distance, with better bait control. The line dispensers are great to keep your line organized and give you a measured amount of line, which make it easier to load on your reel. The 100 yard SPOOLS also make it easier for you to make your own wind-on leaders and Top-Shots, just serve a loop on the end and load it on your reel.