Brand : Lindy

Lindy Drift Control Drift Sock Boat Bag Parachute Drift Anchor for Fishing Boat

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BRAND : Lindy

COLOR : 60"

MANUFACTURER : Lindy Fishing Tackle


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 12.5 x 9 x 5.3 inches

SIZE : Original Series

WEIGHT : 1 Pounds

  • SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE: Provides a convenient, simple and economical way to slow your drift or more-precisely follow breaklines or other fish-attracting structure when the wind kicks up
  • EASY TO USE: Deploys with ease and makes staying on fish-holding structure in the wind not only possible, but easy; Dries quickly and packs small so it can be easily stowed in boat storage compartments
  • TANGLE-FREE: Floatation material in the upper cylinder and a weighted bottom cylinder ensures the sock opens fast and resists rotation to slow your drift and control your boat without tangles or snags
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: Rip-stop nylon fabric reduces rippling and pulsing and 1-inch nylon straps offer added support and durability
  • AN ANGLER'S ESSENTIAL: For serious anglers, Lindy Drift Control Drift Socks are essential to angling and boat control

The Drift Control Harness Buoy simplifies the use of a drift sock to slow your boat during windy conditions. If you own a drift sock, you need a Drift Control Harness Buoy. The Drift Control Harness Buoy features a rubber-coated, stainless steel clip that makes securing your drift sock to the boat simple, and allows for a quick release of the sock to make way for fighting a trophy fish. The blaze-orange Buoy is easily seen and retrieved. The Harness Buoy comes with a 20-foot dump line.