Brand : Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System, Black

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BRAND : Louisville Slugger

COLOR : Black



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 34.4 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches

WEIGHT : 12 Pounds

  • The unique slope will soft-toss baseballs and softballs towards the batter to improve hand eye coordination and timing
  • Fully adjustable height to toss the ball to players of all ages
  • Load the feeding arm yourself and release balls at 6/8/10 second intervals allowing you to get your swings in without the need of a partner
  • Easily converts into a fielding trainer that will roll ground balls at a short distance plus it's a simple 30 second setup and one-step conversion into a new and improved batting tee
  • Different types of balls can be used although certain softballs are not recommended as the high seems could affect the trajectory of the ball

The Louisville Slugger Soft-Toss Training System is designed to bring every player, coach and team to the top of their game. Forget about heavy and cumbersome equipment, the Louisville Slugger Baseball Soft-Toss Training System has you covered. This system tosses perfect soft-toss with real baseballs, softballs, tennis balls and training balls. This collapsible and compact soft-toss system allows you to take your training anywhere and train with or without a partner. Load the feeding arm with baseballs or softballs and set the release timer at 6/8/10 second intervals allowing you to get your swings without the need for a soft-toss partner to throw the balls. Your coach can now focus on improving your swing and not tossing the balls. The slope arm tosses the ball perfectly every time towards the batter at pitch level for more realistic, game-like training. No more soft-toss from the side, popping up from below, or dropping from the top. This promotes the load-phase aspect to soft-toss leading to consistent and successful approaches at the plate. Its telescoping arm adjusts for batters of any height from beginners all the way to the pros. The Slugger Soft-Toss System is the Ultimate Baseball Soft-toss machine. Soft-Toss training offers an accelerated and dynamic system for professional athletes, coaches and youth players. Whether you use it on the field or in your backyard, you’ll soon see why the Slugger Soft-Toss/Tee System for Baseball and Softball is changing the game.