Brand : Luhr Jensen

Luhr Jensen 4751-400-0307 Crippled

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BRAND : Luhr Jensen

COLOR : Chrome/ Green

ITEM WEIGHT : 0.96 ounces


PART NUMBER : LUJ4751-400-0307

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 0.98 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches

SIZE : 4oz

  • Luhr Jensen 4751-400-0307 Crippled

The Crippled Herring is the most versatile lure you'll ever use. It is natural, both in appearance and in action, and can be used worldwide, everyday of the year, for all game fish, in fresh or saltwater. It is programmed to take advantage of the strong, natural predator instinct common to all game fish. all distressed bait fish actions (stunned, struggling, or dying) have been engineered into this lure.