Brand : MagBay Lures

MAGBAY LURES Sincero 16oz High Speed Wahoo Lure

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BRAND : MagBay Lures

COLOR : Purple Anodized



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 13.27 x 4.84 x 2.09 inches

SIZE : 11"

WEIGHT : 0.54 Kilograms

  • Color Anodized Aluminum Rattling Head
  • 16oz Head Weight Wahoo Lure
  • Amazing Rattle for Intense Wahoo Attraction

This MagBay Sincero wahoo lure is 11 inches in length and weighs 16 ounces. Color options include black chrome, blue anodized, blue iridescent, green anodized, pink chrome, purple anodized, purple chrome, purple iridescent, red anodized, and teal anodized. As water flows through the head it wobbles back and forth creating a loud rattle noise. It also creates nice bubble trails. Many people in South Florida have great success with cowbell style wahoo lures like this one. Inline trolling leads are not typically used with this style lure but instead, these are placed really far back. A 16 ounce Sincero works well at speeds up to about 14 knots and then a heavier lure is a better option. LENGTH – 10.5-16; HEAD WIDTH – 1.5-2.5; TARGET SPECIES – Wahoo; ABOUT MAGBAY LURES: MagBay Lures were born in Magdalena Bay, Mexico out of the desire to attract and catch more fish. Each design has been inspired and customized by anglers to meet the needs of what we have seen over the past 31 years fishing the Pacific and around the world. One of the many keys we have found is the perfect balance of mass and configuration that can give one lure enhanced creative action to ultimately intrigue more fish. MagBay Lures are consistently proven to catch all big game species. The quality and brilliance can be seen in any MagBay Lure you purchase.