Brand : Markwort

Markwort Power Fins Batters Training Aid

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BRAND : Markwort

COLOR : Black



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 12.9 x 8.8 x 3.5 inches

WEIGHT : 1.15 Pounds

  • USE: Power Fins uses the power of wind resistance to strengthen and develop a powerful swing through the impact zone and follow through.
  • Wind resistance builds in proportion to the velocity of your swing demanding continued development
  • Proportional wind resistance will develop swing power according to player's natural swing unlike weighted devices which may disrupt the mechanics of the player's swing
  • Power Fins assembles quickly and securely to any bat of barrel diameter 2-1/4" or larger. Detailed Instructions Included.
  • Once assembled, just insert handle of bat through Power Fins and swing away
  • If you can (properly) swing a bat of barrel 2-1/4" or larger, you can use Power Fins - all ages and abilities welcome!

Markwort Power Fins used the power of wind resistance to build a baseball or softball player's swing strength, develop stronger wrists, and increase hand and bat speed through the contact zone and follow through. Power Fins is easy to assemble by fitting together provided Power Fins and securing with included plastic ties creating a batting tool for use through the seasons. Power Fins is a warm-up and swing strengthening batting tool and should not be treated like a toy or used for live hitting or batting practice. Follow assembly instructions completely for a secure fit. Harness the power of wind resistence and increase your bat speed with Power Fins!