Brand : MedLot

MEDLOT Hot Hand Warmer Packets, Disposable Pocket Warmer to Keep Your Hands Warm and Toasty, Up to 10 Hours of Heat

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BRAND : MedLot

COLOR : White



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 9.84 x 6.73 x 5.28 inches

STYLE : 40 Pairs

WEIGHT : 2.73 Kilograms

  • SAFE & SIMPLE: Air-activated handwarmers are safe and easy to use; remove from package and expose to air to activate the heating process; Provides long-lasting heat up to 10 hours; keep your hands warm and toasty; may take 15-30 minutes to reach full heating temperature
  • CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: Portable size of 3.7” x 2.1”; made to provide soothing warmth during cold weather activities; Place them in gloves or pockets; TSA approved; great for travel and outdoor activities; Great to store in the car in cold weather.
  • OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE: Whether you are holding outdoor events, watching sports, walking dogs, camping, working in the yard, or working in cold temperatures, or just tend to have cold fingers in the winter, MEDLOT heat packs are for you; Easy-to-apply design and long-lasting heat; A soothing and comforting solution for chilly days
  • INGREDIENTS: Iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt; Ingredients will react to oxygen and generate heat once exposed to air; Disposable, DO NOT microwave; After use, dispose with regular garbage; Ingredients will not harm the environment
  • NATURAL HEAT: Odorless and fast-acting; Each MEDLOT heat pouch is free from harmful chemicals; To activate, remove warming pads from package and the contents react to oxygen in the air and generates heat quickly and safely; Each bulk pack contains 40 2-packs, 80 total warmers; Each warmer is sealed separately for convenience; 3 year shelf life.

Air-activated,tivated, long-lasting heat. MEDLOT hand warmers bring instant heat to your hands and fingers, fingers; up to 10 hours of soothing warmth; TSA approved & odorless. Great gift for winter months.
Use tips:1.Remove warmer from outer package
2.Place in pockets or gloves.
3.Warmer reaches full heat in 15-30 minutes
4.If heat decreases, expose warmer to air, it will heat up again.
5.Dispose when packet no longer heats up.
Notice: Heating time varies with exposure level and surrounding temperature.
:1.Do not use while sleeping.
2.Except for hands, do not attach warmers directly to skin.
3.DO NOT microwave or use with other heating devices.
4.Stop use if overheating, swelling or blisters occur during use.
5.Do not open package prior to use.
6.Do not open, tear or puncture the warmer pack.
7.Not for people who are less sensitive to temperature, like diabetic, pregnant women, elderly, toddlers & infants.
8.Child use must be under adult supervision.