Brand : Mpowered Baseball

Mpowered Baseball Bamboo Baseball Bat, Black/Mohagany, 33-Inch

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BRAND : Mpowered Baseball


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 0 x 0 x 33 inches

SIZE : 33"

WEIGHT : 0.79 kg

  • Most Tencile Strength & Durability
  • Extremeley well balanced baseball bat
  • Custom interlock construction
  • Two to Three drop for great balance
  • Engineered for maximum sweet spot

M^POWERED Bamboo Bats are engineered from the strongest material on earth under 3000 pounds of pressure and built with precise specifications. Our interlock technology creates a strong and durable baseball bat. This weighted baseball bat has a strong sweet spot with great balance. Bamboo bats are laminated and finished with handmade care and attention. Spray finish, not dipped