PARACORD PLANET 550lb 7-Strand Parachute Cord - Available in 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 1,000 Foot Selections in Solid Colors (Yellow, 100 Feet)

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We have put together some of the classic crayon solid colors you remember from while in school. No more searching through numerous colors to find that simple red, green, brown or blue. We offer our paracord in 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, & 1000 foot lengths so you can be sure you will have enough paracord to suit your needs. Whether you are into crafting, beading, knotting, or simply want to be prepared and have paracord on hand for survival and emergency situations, paracord is a great rope to keep on hand. With 550 paracord, never be unprepared again. Specs: Diameter: 5/32 of an inch (4mm) Material: Kernmantle Tensile Strength: 550 pounds 7 removable inner core nylon strands Made in the USA Crafting uses: Craft to wear bracelets, lanyards, pocket key chains, belts, and wrist straps Craft to use as pet collars, leashes, monkey fists (for protection), whips, key fobs, and bottle holders Craft for other uses such as making a hammock, handle wraps, beading, and practicing knots Common Emergency & Survival Uses: For camping - act as a clothesline, building a shelter, a stringer for fish, hanging up food from reach of animals For survival – use inner strands as fishing line, use for signaling or marking an area, for trapping, or use as a net or snare For Emergency – sew up an open wound, use as dental floss, as a sling for a broken limb, and much more General Uses (Examples): Repairing items such as clothing & gear Make a zipper pull or replace broken shoe/boot laces Securing items to your backpack, vehicle, etc. & many more possible uses