Brand : Peetz

Peetz Hammer 4-Inch 'Howzit Herring' Stainless Steel Spoon Fishing Lure 5-Pack | High Performance Fishing Tackle

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BRAND : Peetz

COLOR : Howzit Herring



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches

SIZE : 4.0"

WEIGHT : 0.07 Kilograms

  • BEST QUALITY LURE BLANK | The Hammer Spoon Lure features a polished high-gauge stainless steel blank and a ultrasharp siwash hook. Use this lures for years without it bending, breaking or rusting.
  • PROVEN COLOR PATTERNS | Heavy duty premium quality mylars designed in color patterns extensively tested by professional anglers. The ultraviolet and glow in the dark properties of this spoon give anglers the freedom to fish at any depth and even the murkiest of water conditions. The "Howzit Herring" 5 lure pack includes all five best selling herring Hammer lures.
  • LIFELIKE PRESENTATION | Effective imitation of a Herring, Anchovy or small bait minnow.
  • KEY SPECS | Body length: 4 inches (101.6mm). Body Width: 0.82" (76mm). Weight: 0.49 oz (14 grams).
  • ESPAÑOL | Para ver las características en español, consulte la descripción a continuación.


- LA MEJOR CALIDAD | A diferencia de la mayoría de los señuelos del arenque, este cebo de cuchara nunca se doblará o romperá. Incluso después de batallas con peces de trofeo. Esta cuchara cuenta con una pieza bruta de acero inoxidable pulida de alto calibre y un gancho de acero inoxidable.

- COLORES PROBADOS | Diseñados en patrones de color ampliamente probados por pescadores profesionales.

- PRESENTACIÓN LIFELIKE | La acciÓN DE NATACIÓn herida deste cebo de cuchara es un asesino para atacar especies depredadoras. Esta cuchara es una imitación efectiva de un arenque.


Trolling. Troll at speeds of 2-3mph behind a boat from a downrigger deep diver device or by adding fishing weights to the line. This lure can also be deadly behind a flasher or dodger.

Casting. Cast by adding weight to the line and retrieving. Vary retrieve speed for desired action.

Water Conditions. The Herring Hammer spoon bait was developed in the Pacific Northwest to meet the demand for a lure that can withstand the corrosive conditions of saltwater ocean fishing. Hammers have a flutter and kick swimming action and are applicable to both deep and shallow water. Each Hammer has a careful balance of both UV and Glow in the dark mylars to maximize versatility.


The Hammer needlefish spoon is a killer lure for targeting fish species such as Coho (Silver) Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Mackerel and Bass


PEETZ guarantees this product against defects in manufacturing for the useful life of the product.


Ultra-sharp hooks. Keep out of reach of children.