Brand : Primos Hunting

Primos Hunting 945 Elk Call, Lip Service

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BRAND : Primos Hunting

ITEM WEIGHT : 0.64 ounces



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 6.0 x 4.0 x 1.0 inches

SIZE : One Size

  • Accurate estrus cow call
  • Compact fits in shirt pocket
  • Elk call lip service
  • Single open reed cow call
  • accurate Estrus calls
  • Compact size fits in a shirt pocket

Lip service drives Bulls crazy. It is a simple sliding note that has the high pitch of cows and calves. The lip service gets its Guts from the famous "hoochie Mama" But can be manipulated to get varying pitches proven to call Bull Elk in close. This call is easy to manipulate and can be carried in a shirt pocket. Good things truly come in small packages. Features: - accurate Estrus cow call - Compact fits in shirt pocket.