Brand : PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD Hexagonal Reaction Ball High Density Rubber Foam Bounce for Agility Reflex and Coordination Training

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COLOR : Blue



PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 4.33 x 2.4 x 2.36 inches

WEIGHT : 58 Grams

  • 【MATERIAL】- Made of high-density durable rubber,which is non-synthetic and eco-friendly, and consist of a Six-hemisphere design creating dynamic and unpredictable bounce.
  • 【FUNCTION】- Excellent training tool for all sports: Football,Baseball,Soccer,Tennis,Squash,and Basketball. Volley the Reaction Ball between players or rebound it against all hard surfaces or walls to create unexpected flight paths.
  • 【BENEFITS】- Improves hand-eye coordination, giving athletes instant feedback on their reaction time, challenging their reflexes.Helps build reaction speed,motor-sensory skills and peripheral vision tracking abilities. Get faster reactions, for better fielding as you improve your agility.
  • 【HAVE FUN WITH IT】- Brings the fun back to fitness.Not only is this ball a excellent training tool for athlete ,but it’s also an entertaining toy to play with kids, dogs and friends.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】- 2 PACK Reaction Balls,Blue and Red.2.75IN 8.01 Ounces,Small size ideal to keep in hockey bag.

The PSG.LGD Reaction Ball made of solid, durable, high-density rubber for superlative bounce and carom,consist of a Six-hemisphere design creating totally unpredictable, random bounces and leaps,enhancing hand-eye coordination and improve reaction time.


The PSG.LGD Reaction Ball is helping you improve your skills while having fun.Use this agility training aid to improve the agility, balance, and coordination of your limbs.Develops quick reaction for players of any sport,improves reflexes and agility.

Material: High Density Rubber
Size: 2.7in./7 cm in diameter