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QIN Golf Rangefinder - Range Finder - 600M/1000M Outdoor High Precision Handheld Laser Range Finder High Precision Electronic Ruler, High Precision Handheld Electronic Distance Measuri ( Size : 600M )

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BRAND : wan



SIZE : 600M

WEIGHT : 0.035 ounces

  • HIGH PRECISION: This Laser Rangefinder is capable of measuring a long range up to 600-meter or 1000-meter with an accuracy of /- 1 yard, and the speed of a fast moving object up to 300km/h. Built-in flagpole locking allows golfers to identify their flag sticks easily.
  • CRISP CLEAR IMAGES: 6X magnification brings the distant targets 6 times closer, brighter on the ultra clear, multilayered optics, which guarantees superior resolution and stunning bright images without color difference.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Distance, Speed, Fog, Flagpole Locking - great measurement device with various working modes, giving you amazing experience in Golfing, Hunting, Surveying, Sporting Events and Outdoor Adventures.
  • FAST AND HIGH ACCURACY: Pinseeker sensor technology ensures measuring time within 0.5 seconds and measurement error less than 1m. Easy to use,once press power button and measuring within 650 yards, the reading will show up on the LCD fast and clear.
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Ranging range: general target 0-2000M, high reflection 0-2200M
Ranging accuracy: ±0.3M(0-600M), ±0.5M(400-1000M)
Measuring azimuth: Yes
Span measurement: span measurement between two targets in a three-dimensional vertical plane, span measurement between any two targets in space
Measurement mode: VD ML (two-point height difference)
HD ML (spatial measurement between two points
Horizontal distance/slope)
HT (two-point height measurement)
HD HT (three-point height measurement)
HD SD (Single point measurement of horizontal distance/slope distance)
VD (single point measuring vertical distance/tilt angle)
Ranging scan mode
Optical magnification: 6X
Optical display: high-definition LCD liquid crystal display
Ranging resolution: 10CM
Protection level: IP54
Laser wavelength: 905 nm
Laser safety class: Class1 (first class)

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