Brand : Ross Reels

Ross Reels Evolution LTX Fly Reel

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BRAND : Ross Reels

COLOR : 5-6 wt.


PART NUMBER : 43383-33925

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 5.35 x 5.28 x 3.78 inches

SIZE : Black

WEIGHT : 130 Grams

  • Oil impregnated bronze bushing rotating on a stainless steel spindle
  • Hard anodized for the perfect balance of durability and color
  • Made from a 6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy, specifically engineered for Ross Reels

The Ross Reels Evolution series defined the modern trout reel. Now meet the award-winning Evolution LTX: the perfect combination of original Evolution LT feel and Evolution R performance. The ultra-smooth drag found in the Evolution LT has a long and revered history, but our engineering team took this design to the next level. The drag debuting with the LTX is over four times stronger than its predecessors’, while retaining the sound and feel that helped make the Evolution an icon. This allows it to perform not only as a perfect trout reel, but also has the power to take on saltwater game fish like Redfish, Bonefish, and Snook.