Brand : Rukket Sports

Rukket Baseball & Softball Batting Tee, Portable & Heavy Duty Practice Tees for Indoor & Outdoor Training, Professional & Adjustable Equipment with Carry Bag

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BRAND : Rukket Sports

MANUFACTURER : Rukket Sports

PART NUMBER : 4350032079

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS : 26.1 x 5.6 x 5.3 inches


WEIGHT : 3.56 Kilograms

  • NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH SALE - PRACTICE FROM HOME: From the minds in our ARMD division comes the newest weapon in your Rukket Sports arsenal. The Rukket Sports Batting Tee Pro is guaranteed to be the last batting tee you’ll ever need. This product includes (1) Rukket Sports Batting Tee Pro. This product is discounted for a limited time - add to cart now!
  • PRACTICE LOW OR HIGH PITCHES WITH EASE - Can be extended all the way to 4 feet off the ground. You’ll be able to place the tee at any height for any age group or just practice low or high pitches in the box. It is also the only tee on the market that can be maneuvered all around home plate without touching the base itself to keep it level.
  • EXTREME PORTABILITY - Locking mechanism keeps the tee in place when you’re using it and easily separates when practice is over. Just flip the stand over and lock back in, bend the legs up and you are stored away and ready to go! Heavy duty carry bag included.
  • LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY MEANS YOUR TEE WILL NOT FALL OVER - Heavy duty stainless steel bearing keeps the center of gravity low when hitting. No more having to pick the tee up after every swing. This is the most stable and durable batting tee on the market!
  • RUKKET 100 L;IFETIME WARRANTY AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Includes lifetime replacement parts and outstanding USA-based customer service for no-risk purchasing.